Voice Tech in 2020

TechCrunch shared their predictions for what will happen in the Voice Tech space for the rest of 2020. As usual, they provide some very interesting insights that should at least give you pause Their main insights include: → Niche assistants such as Aider that provide back-office support.→ Branded in-house assistants such as those offered by BBC and … Continue reading Voice Tech in 2020

Personal Automation Hack #14: Buy some NFC tags

Often forgotten by smarthome users as part of their automation arsenal, NFC stickers should be considered as a smart (pardon the pun) way to integrate another channel into your personal automation setup. NFC tags, the small, usually round or square-shaped stickers or fobs that contain small embedded microchips. They are passive objects, meaning which they … Continue reading Personal Automation Hack #14: Buy some NFC tags