Tech site Protocol has posited that Amazon might be adding Live TV streams into. They make this big prediction based on multiple job listings posted over the past several weeks. They also cite an anonymous insider claiming that the Big A is “actively pursuing” deals to license live and linear programming.

This would certainly differentiate itself from an ever-growing field of streaming services. While it has a deep catalogue and a good roster of original content such as Bosch, Jack Ryan and The Man in the High Castle. Prime Video has always felt like an also-ran, never being able to compete head-to-head with the fully-focused streaming service Netflix.

The double-edge sword though is that this move would reposition itself against traditional CableTV providers and aggregation services like AppleTV. No one should doubt the technical prowess and war chest Amazon could bring to bear but to us it’s more an issue of where it thinks it can be the most effective for consumers. One smart suggestion would be if they integrate search and browse capabilities within Alexa.

We can only assume that this would be for US TV broadcasters only initially. If the strategy works then they may possibly target other markets. Our guess would possibly be UK and other European marekts from there.