The great thing about working from an office is the social interactions and just having the sounds of a buzzing, vibrant environment to get your motivation going. You may be missing that right now so Amazon has made it slightly more comfortable by letting you play some ambient background noise to drown out the sounds of your own thoughts.

Or if office or cafe sounds isn’t required and you just need the sounds of nature to get you inspired or imagining that you’re somewhere else then Amazon has got that covered for you as well.

You can say the following commands to trigger the below sounds:

  • “Alexa, Play Café Sounds”
  • “Alexa, Play Farm Sounds”
  • “Alexa, Start Stadium Sounds”
  • “Alexa, Start My Applause”
  • “Alexa, Open Library Sounds”
  • “Alexa, Open Highway Sounds”
  • “Alexa, Open Airplane Ride”
  • “Alexa, Open Office Sounds”
  • “Alexa, Open Seaside Sounds”