The Verge recently reported that Philips announced the launch of a new smart bulb to add to their Hue range. While this isn’t usually newsworthy we think this time it is because it’s Philips’s first 100W bulb, previously Philips have only sold 60W Hue bulbs. Aside from the requirement of a hub the other frequent gripe we hear from Hue customers is that the bulbs aren’t terribly bright. Not so important in most situations but in many other scenarios brightness counts. The other big difference with these new bulbs is that that are offered in the A21 shape; most of Philips Hue bulbs are in the A19 shape. The A21 shape, for those less familiar are longer and wider than A19 so this might be an issue if you have light fittings that are quite tight around the bulb.

These new bulbs adds to an already deep catalogue from Hue and will be sure to convert potentially more customers to their smart offering.

Who knew we could get so excited about a light bulb?

The Verge: The latest Philips Hue bulb is bigger and brighter