French grocery chain Carrefour recently announced the launch of Google Assistant voice integration, available to their customers. Users are able to search for items using Google Assistant, add items to their shopping lists and ultimately ‘purchase’ the items via the big G’s voice platform.

After connecting your Google account with your Carrefour acount you can then connecting the service by saying ”Ok Google, je veux faire les courses.” There’s some nice features in the integration; utilising Google’s Voice Match, based on who’s speaking, Google will open the relevant user’s shopping list. Also, users can use generic terms like “milk” and “eggs” (or whatever the French translation is) and Google/Carrefour will add a matching item based on a customer’s purchase history.

To say you can purchase the items via Google Assistant is a little bit of a stretch though. After items added to your shopping list via Google Assistant you still have to go to the Carrefour app and confirm the list, make payment and confirm delivery method.

These are all pretty nice features and hope our local grocery chain app takes notice. It is all a step in the right direction and getting closer to a full end-to-end grocery shopping experience.