Continuing their experiment with cameo Voice Assistants, Google has replaced the recently retired John Legend voice with Insecure‘s producer Issae Rae. To get your Google Assistant to speak like Issa just say “Hey Google talk like Issa” to you Google Home device and you can ask her things and (like “how do I look?”) and you can get custom responses with Issa’s signature voice and ‘wit’.

I didn’t know her either and had to Bing her (there’s too much mention of the Big G here already) which begs the question why? I can understand seasonal cameo voices (how about James Earl Jones for 4th May?) but why this voice and why now? Just like the John Legend cameo before, the functionality is quite limited; just to the specific questions that she’s crafted answers to so the utility to this is quite limited.

I’m sure with Google’s deep pockets they have the budget to do invest in a full voice replacement with a signature voice. Morgan Freeman, Dame Judi Dench, Alec Baldwin and Nick Offerman are just a handful that come to mind. Hmm, maybe time for another post?