Google Nest Mini

9to5Google reported at the recent VOICE Global event Google execs hinted at what’s to come with the next Google Assistant update and how 3rd party partners and developers will be supported. While the news was very developer-heavy some of the hinted features that will be important for consumers will be better AMP News integration for smart displays and Continuous Match Mode for Actions. The latter could be a boon for 3rd party partners and users.

So what is Continuous Match Mode? This is the ability for the Voice platform to understand a continuous string of voice prompts from the user. Technically the decie will keep a device’s microphone on for the duration of an Action so that users can speak without waiting for app prompts.. Currently you can only do one step actions with Google Assistant which is quite limiting and frustrating both for developers and long time wanna-be power users. Take for instance, adding items to a shopping list. Currently you’re limited to saying a few items (by how many items you can remember or the time limit built into Assistant). With Continuous Match Mode you’ll be able to add a few items and, without waiting for a response from the device, continue to add more items to the list.

This is a boon for the platform as it will lend itself to more advanced automations within Actions and will allow for an even more natural integration

Amazon Alexa users have experienced for years now where they can say multiple items to Alexa and not only have their Amazon devices understand the string but also have Alexa conduct follow-up actions based on the string. We think this no small part why Alexa users love and are so loyal to their smart home devices.

This enhancement should be rolled out within the next few months. We can’t wait to see how this feature is built upon by the Assistant ecosystem.