Google are starting to play nice(r) with 3rd party partners, expanding Assistant support to Bose, Sonos and other smart speakers and headphones.

While Google Assistant support has been integrated into many non-competitive smart home devices such as light bulbs and doorbells, categories where Google have their own branded devices such as smart speakers and headphones have had a limited version of Google Assistant integration.

While the likes of Bose and Sonos have had Google Assistant support for a while not all features have been available to 3rd party partners and updates have been limited. Rumours are circulating that this limitation will be removed with the next update of Google Assistant.

One of the biggest features missing is the lack of Voice Match; the ability for the smart device to differentiate between the various voices that may be using the smart speaker. The other feature that will rollout that will be important for 3rd party partners is the sensitivity of the hot word action (ie, “Ok Google). As everyone knows, not all smart speakers are built equally so soon you’ll be able to adjust the sensitivity of the pickup based on the quality of your smart speaker’s mic.

While unfortunately will be a tendency for the big G to support and integrate their own devices (whether intentionally or not) this is a step in the right direction. It would be in their interest to offer even more support and equal integration to allow for a richer, deeper and wider ecosystem.