Primo Ager

During these iso-times you’ve grown your own herbs, baked your own bread and brewed your own beer. Why not try dry-aging your meat with the Primo Ager?

Conceptualised as a dry ager for your home it has been designed from the ground up to be an ager for your home. It has a relatively small footprint of 3 square feet, the size of a small fridge or a large bar fridge.

Any serious meat person will tell you the key elements in dry aging meat is humidity and temperature. When it comes to dry aging it needs to be controlled more precisely than in a refrigerator. The Primo Ager does this via construction (professional grade material and build) and smart monitoring.

It’s ‘smartness’ comes from it’s self-regulating system measures and monitors the temperature, humidity, and airflow in real-time as well as how much meat is stored at any given moment. It will then automatically adjust as needed to optimize your aging process for the highest-quality meat, safest environment. All this can be monitored, of course, through an app. Cloud technology inside Primo Ager logs all your meat and tracks their dry-aging process. When your meat is ready to cook, Primo Ager will alert you via the mobile app.

Set up as a Indigogo project it is already over-subscribed. Maybe we can see it in our Big Box retailer soon.

Indiegogo: Primo Ager