Soma Smart Shades help you automate existing roller blinds

Here at AutomateOn we are big believers in making your existing home and work environments smart. There’s no need to wait for renovation, when you’re buying a new place, waiting to move out a rental or become the head of household. You can add Smart enhancements to your home right now without waiting.

That’s why we love products like the Soma Smart Shades 2. The device is a small mechanised unit that clips over the pulley cord of your blinds and allows you to control the opening and closing of your blinds via sensor or app. The units can be drilled into the window frame or affixed with wallmounting tape. The Soma team have that a lot about their target customer and it shows with such features as rechargeable battery via USB, solar power and voice control via Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri.

Soma also offer the Tilt which can be used for Venetian blinds. So if you don’t think there’s an option to automate your existing drapery then think again.

Soma Smart Shades 2

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