Google Nest thermostat automations

Ever since its launch the Nest Thermostat has been one of the most popular smart home devices. Nest touted itself as taking unloved products like a thermostat and make them thoughtful. Now you can make your Nest thermostat even smarter by implementing some of these automations.

Unfortunately there is no integration with Zapier so your choice to integrate your Nest thermostat with IFTTT.

  • The biggest and easiest thing you can do is connect your Nest thermostat with Google Assistant. Tell Google Assistant “I’m Cold” to automatically turn up the heat on Nest thermostat: IFTTT
  • Set the temperature of your Nest Thermostat when you’re close to home: IFTTT
  • When your Nest is set to away start your Roomba: IFTTT
  • Change your WiZ lights to Cozy when it gets cold: IFTTT

It’s hard to improve on an almost-perfect device like the Nest so these automations do nothing but enhance the experience.