Micromobility (biking, scootering, boarding, e-biking, etc) has become more accessible, highly adopted and smarter. With so many additional types of vehicles out there and our streets and pathways becoming a little more crowded with non- vehicles it can get tougher to navigate our thoroughfares. A smarter ride needs a smarter helmet.

Enter the Lumos bike helmet. While its super-light and aerodynamic design are stellar its the lamps and ‘smartness’ that truly standout for us. While embedded rechargeable lights is nothing new for modern bike helmets (something Lumos pioneered with their first helmet on Kickstarter) the ability to control it is. While you can control the indicators through a remote button you can attach to your handles, if you have an Apple Watch you can control the brake lights by simply holding up the watching-wearing wrist. While it’s a neat little trick it’s also a natural and oft-expected hand signal from bike riders.

No word yet if this is compatible with Android watches.

Kickstarter: Lumos Ultra – The New Standard in Bike Helmets

No stranger to Kickstarter, Lumos got their start here with their first helmet