StaceyonIOT recently did a great review of smart locks for renters, something we’re a big advocate for. We’re huge evangelists for non-home owners (eg, renters, home-sharers, non-heads of the households) to still get into smart home tech (what we call personal tech) and automations as there are now great devices and methods for implementing the tech into the house without ripping into walls or such things.

As always, Stacey does a great review of all the options out there for renters who want to implement a smart lock solution for the dwelling but can’t or unable to do physically change the existing lock or need to maintain the current key. There are options which sit over the current lock (August) or ones which change some of the internals but essentially the outside of the lock remains the same (Level Lock) .

This is a good reminded that non-home owners shouldn’t be left out of the smart home market and there are still plenty of options for them to implement smart home devices and automations.