Slack Automations

For many workplaces Slack has become the communications platform of the moment. As a lot of Slack messages start to replace emails we suggest these automations to make the integration into your WFH life a little easier:

  • Create Asana tasks from saved Slack messages. Comes in handy when you ge a few action items via Slack: Zapier
  • Let a Slack channel know you’re running late: IFTTT
  • Post a new message to Slack whenever a new row is added to a Google Spreadhsheet: Zapier
  • Post Instagram pics to Slack when you use a specific custom hashtag. A very smart way to both post and share SFW pics to Insta and Slack: IFTTT
  • Post a new Slack message when a new Google Spreadsheet is added: Zapier
  • Send Slack Message when entering a location during work hours. Handy way to automatically let your team know exactly who is in the office: IFTTT

May seem obvious now that we would recommend either IFTTT or Zapier to run your Zapier automations with. No matter which you choose it’s worth the time and effort to try them and test and tweak your automations as much as you can.

Remember to keep at it and Automate On!