WFH Jammies

While we continue to juggle the demands of doing everything from home; working, home schooling, exercising, and oh yeah, relaxing, the issue of what to wear across all these different needs is proving to be a constant challenge. As much as we love the idea of living in pyjamas or tracksuits for days and weeks on end, sometimes we need to look the part when we’re on a zoom work call. Japan-based creative agency Whatever teamed up with designer Akihiko Kimura to release WFH Jammies. Essentially a onesie with a button-down shirt up top — that looks formal and appropriate on work video calls — and comfortable tracksuit material down below.

Created in response to the global rise in remote work, the pajamas are available in three colorways and retail from JPY 9,000 (USD 85) for just the top to JPY 12,000 (USD 112) for the full outfit. The Kickstarter campaign for the unisex, “half business, half relaxation” pajamas is set to end this month and ship globally in June.

While people have come up with fake work backgrounds and pretend noise of annoying coworkers the WFH Jammies take the concept of faking it to the next level and just made the decision of what to wear for the whole day a lot easier.

This is one Kickstarter project we are definitely supporting if only to have something new to wear.

Kickstarter: WFH Jammies