Adding yet another streaming choice to the local Australian market Foxtel has launched their new streaming service Binge.

Leveraging its content deals for their PayTV service Binge claims to have more than 10,000 content hours available largely from premium US content providers such as HBO, NBCUniversal, FX, and AMC. Following the pricing format as its contemporaries Binge’s starts at $10 per month for access from 1 screen in SD. For $14 a month you get access from 2 screens and in HD and for $18 a month you get the same HD content accessible from up to 4 screens.

Differentiating itself from its FoxtelNow service which is priced at $25 a month for its basic package, Binge positions itself as an “all you can eat” offering whereas FoxtelNow mimics its channel package format allowing you to customise your content by adding Sports, Movies and Drama (adding all the packages on FoxtelNow gives you a whopping $104 per month bill).

What seems to be somewhat of a miss for Binge is that there’s none of the Foxtel original productions on there such as Wentworth or Great Australian Bake Off. It will also be interesting to see if there’s any plans to create any original content for their platform, similar to Stan.

So what does this mean for the international and local players in Australia?With premium content from HBO and a competitive price point it will certainly give the likes of Stan and Netflix a run for their money but local content will seriously need to be looked at.