In an ever-growing list of single-use devices for the Alexa platform you can now get the Echo Wall Clock to of course, display the time but also to .

One thing to note about this device is that it’s not a fully-fledge Echo device like the Dot, Echo or Show so it cannot accept or all of the commands of a normal Echo device. You already need to have an Echo device set up in your home for the Echo Wall Clock to work (we’re not going to say paired as it then assumes the device can deliver all the functionality as a regular Echo device which it clearly cannot). The only instructions it can take are well, timer instructions. You can instruct it to set a timer and you can see the countdown in the second displays.

As far as we can tell this seems to be the only thing that it does. We can’t help ask why? Why not build a fully functional Echo device that is pretty much displayed as a wall clock? This ditches the need to have 2 Echo-related devices in the one room. Much like its Amazon Echo Auto Amazon seem to like releasing a lot of these single purpose devices. From our point of view, we prefer to have less clutter in our car and home but if a smart device can replace an existing item in our place like a lamp or clock then so much the better.

Check out the Echo Wall Clock if you must at its product page.