Log tea in FoodNoms

Here’s an easy way to log your daily cuppa in FoodNoms. Set up your usual tea (or coffee) as a meal in FoodNoms. Then set up a Personal Automation in Shortcuts with an NFC tag as the trigger. Connect the two in Shortcuts and viola, you’re done! We like to keep the NFC sticker on our tea cannister (need a metal-friendly NFC sticker in our case) so it’s just a quick tap of our phone to log the tea as we’re making it.

How about other food dairy apps like MyFitnessPal? Trust us we’ve tried various ways to integrate and automate with MFP but alas they don’t seem to want to play ball or make it easy to automate or integrate. FoodNoms is one of the few food diaries that have strong integrations into Shortcuts as well as widgets. It’s well worth considering a migration from MFP to FoodNoms.

Enjoy your cuppa and remember to AutomateOn!

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