Tell Siri to order your regular saved meal from Maccas

Here’s a little hack where you can automate your Maccas order. A big caveat is that I’m not saying that this will work for all Maccas (McDonald’s, Mickey Ds, McD or whatever you call it in your country) across the world but I do know that it works in Australia.

So if you’re finding that you pretty much order the same thing each time you go to McDonald’s there’s a couple of ways that you can automate this routine. The automation works utilising Siri so you do need an iPhone to make this one work and you need to be using the latest version of the Maccas app (which it often forces you to update).

So after you make your regular order from the Maccas app you’ll see a button at the end of that order within the order details screen which says “add to Siri.” Once you do that it creates a shortcut within the Shortcuts app. From here you can edit the phrase to . Make sure it’s something memorable and hints at your regular meal. For me, it’s “Hey Siri, order my regular burger meal”.

Once done, there’s a couple of ways now you can initiate that regular order;

click on the shortcut in the Shortcuts app
Say “Hey Siri order my [insert your saved phrase here]
Both commands will initiate a prompt to confirm you want to send your order. Press “Order” and it will be sent to the Maccas app, opening the app as well. You might get a warning that some items might not be available currently due to the opening hours or the menu that is currently available (largely not an issue with Maccas’s 24hour menu but there are some items that aren’t available at times.)

The app should open to the order details screen where you can just proceed with payment as usual. Then you’re good to go!

A couple of other benefits is that you can create multiple Siri shortcuts for different order types. I have a shortcut for my regular coffee order and one for my kids. You can stack on orders so if you order all your Siri shortcuts it will aggregate the order.

One other benefit (or downside depending on your POV) is that the order won’t be locked to any specific store; it will automatically choose the closest store to you. To me, this is an advantage as I can just order wherever I am but can always adjust to a store I prefer or know where I’m going to be soon (handy when you’re hurtling down a freeway!).

One other caveat is that it won’t remember the specific payment method so you still have to go through that process, especially if you have multiple cards or Apple Pay attached to your Maccas account.

I find this Shortcut comes in really handy when I’m driving and I have a very customised order for my burger and coffee so it used to take a bit of effort when I had to start a new order. Also very handy when ordering the kids meals as they’re very fussy as well and I’m always forgetting who likes what.

Have a go and let me know what you think. I love to hear if you if you do use it and the various situations you may use it.

As always, Automate On!

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