Reorder grocery item and add to your Woolies app cart using Shortcuts and Google

This is a Shortcut that is responsible for a lot of stickers placed around my pantry. When you’re close to running out of one of your grocery items set yourselves up with an NFC sticker and tag it as that item. Then set up an action to order that item through the Woolworths service within the Google Assistant. You may have to test the steps that the Woolworths service takes you through for your particular item as it’s slightly different for each item. But roughly the steps it goes through are;
1. Connect to Woolworths
2. Add the item to your shopping cart
3. Respond “Yes”, confirming that is the item you want to add or confirm the number from the list of choices that Woolies responds with
4. Confirm the quantity
5. Respond “No” if you want to add another item to your cart
6. Respond “No” if you want to checkout

While it’s a little painful to setup, after you’ve done it once you don’t have to think about it again. If you’re a creature of habit (and aren’t most of us if we’re setting up automations) then this shortcut is extremely valuable and lets you place order stickers wherever you keep that particular item.

I send the items to the shopping cart and don’t proceed with checkout as more than likely I need to accumulate items in my cart to get to the minimum $50 order amount. I’ve signed up for Woolworths Delivery Unlimited which is a great deal where you get free unlimited deliveries ($50 min. order still applies), reusable bags and double rewards points for just $15 per month. Woolies currently have a 30 day free trial promo which makes it at least worth trialing.

In Australia Amazon has yet to permeate itself into every aspect of shopping and grocery shopping through Amazon is definitely not there yet.

Even if you don’t have a Google Home speaker you can still use Google Assistant; all you need is to set yourself up with a Google Account and link your account to your Woolies account.

There’s additional ways I’m using this Shortcut which I’ll save for another post but for now enjoy and, as always, Automate On!

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