We always had an issue with the Google Home app. The organisation always seemed a little messy and not in line with how easy and intuitive the devices are.

We were hoping that the most recent update would clean up a few things and in some ways it has but some issues still persist. It is mostly a reorganisation and clean up of existing matters with no new features released.

The major thing that has been reorganised is that “rooms and devices” have been given a more prominent place in the integrace with other info better integrated such as events. The screenshots suggest other features will be integrated in such as a bandwidth test but we aren’t able to see this just yet.

Two things we can’t understand from the update are;

  • Why “Discover is given so much prominence. It is given it’s own tab on the main screen. It is an odd mix of Google self-promotion and lessons on some of the more obvious Google Home features
  • Why is the Shopping List still so deep within the UI? This is one of the more frustrating issues with the app and one that we thought would be so obvious to fix. It is however still sitting under the “Settings” menu under the Services section which doesn’t make sense to us. It would be nice if we could customise this and move specific services to the main screen.

Some of this is perplexing and we’re just grateful that the app isn’t the main form of our interaction with Alphabet’s home automation platform.

Nevertheless Automate On!