With the revamp of Google Nest Aware the big G in their infinite wisdom have decided to permanently discount both the Nest Hub and Indoor Cam. You can get the Nest Hub for a very acceptable USD$89.99/AUD$129 and the Indoor Cam for USD$129.99/AUD$229.

While the permanent price cut is always welcome it does highlight some of the pricing variances as well as question some of their strategies. For example, why didn’t all Nest-branded devices receive a permanent price cut? The Nest Hub Max is still selling at a whopping USD$229/AUD$329. And if not all the speakers, why couldn’t all cameras received a price cut? If the price cut had nothing to do with the revamp of Nest Aware why announce it at the same time?

Not to look a gift-horse in the mouth, we welcome the price cut but will leave our heads being scratched by the decision. Even so, do what you can to Automate On!

Google Nest Hub

Google Nest Indoor Cam