As promised last October the big G just went live with its revamped Aware service in 19 markets. As promised, the service switched from a per-device plan to a flat monthly fee for as many Nest devices you have. The Nest Aware service utilises the pre-installed sensors in your Nest cameras and speakers and creates intelligent alerts which records videos when Nest cameras detect sounds or a person. For USD$6/ AUD$9 a month (USD$60 /AUD$90 for a yearly plan) you get the alerts and access to 30 days worth of event video history. For $18 a month you can get the Nest Aware Plus which gives you access to 60 days worth of event video history and 10 days worth of 24/7 video history (all the video recorded, not just triggered from the intelligent alerts).

There are a few more additional services under the Nest Aware plans such as customised activity zones and the ability to create and share clips but the main objective of the service (and the main difference between the plans) is the ability to have access to archived video recordings.

While this is definitely a more cost-effective plan compared to the previous per-device plans we’re still left wondering if this is the best pricing model for all involved. Having access to archival video footage of a security camera doesn’t sound like something we’re willing to pay a month fee for. Security cameras have a habit of recording a lot of false alarms so the idea of having access to see videos of a random dog coming up to your door doesn’t exactly sound appealing. We would be willing to pay a one-time charge for events we’re specifically interested in. Security systems suffer from the classic problem of not really showing their full value until something ‘bad’ happens so it’s always hard to find the right pricing model for this.

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