Where does Ikea fit in the Home Automation ecosystem?

The Swedish furniture giant has had an interesting adventure in the home automation space. While initially just dipping their toes in the water with sensor-driven furniture pieces and accessories they seem to have gone all-in with their Smart Home strategy. In many of their blue and yellow stores they have allocated a dedicated space to their Home Smart devices, elevating them to the same status as other areas such as Bedroom and Kitchen. A big move indeed for them.

Ikea have launched many products in the last years around their Home Smart brand; from motion-sensor blinds and lights, to smart plugs and speakers/ lamps. Most of these pieces are controlled not only by their own dedicated remote controls and sensors but also through Ikea’s own mobile app (both for Android and iOS) and the main Voice platforms of Apple, Google and Alexa.

While we believe Ikea have made the right move in making their devices compatible with the main home automation platforms there are a couple of areas we think they should not bother with;

  • Drop the remotes. The Ikea-produced remotes are quintessentially Ikea; mass-produced, cheap, functional and completely uninspirational. Their cheap platiscky look are not things that you’d really be proud of having in your house. If you have a few Ikea Home Smart pieces in your abode you could have quite a few of these nasty remotes lying around.
  • Drop the App. The app is fine but with the resources and expertise that Google and Apple have in home automation and building and maintaining great user experiences. Users hate downloading additional apps just to control to the point that they’ll just do without. Go all-in on compatibility with Google, Apple and Alexa.

We definitely do believe that Ikea have a place to play in the home automation space and can absolutely help move the need in making home automation devices more accessible, affordable and reliable for consumers.

All in the effort to help people Automate On!