We’re the first to admit we largely focus on the main streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and local streaming offerings. But while we’re still in semi-lockdown you may be starting to get to the bottom of your options with your chosen streaming service you may want to consider some of these additional choices to get more of your video fix.

Google Play Video

Google Play Movies & TV is a sub-section of the Google Play Store. Here you can find ‘early access’ video rentals for play on demand. The idea being you can see movies here before become available on the streaming services. As the pricing is quite varied from $5.99 to as much as $19.99. The Google Play service offers two main types of video rental; Early Access which you have to watch within 48 hours of purchase and the rest which you can start watching at any time but once you start playing you must watch the full video within 48 hours.

YouTube Movies & Shows

Muddying Google’s offering even more is YouTube Movies & Shows. Slightly different to Google Play Movies & TV and YouTube Premium (which is their ad-free and music-subscription service) YouTube Movies & TV offers movies to rent or buy. You might see it as you’re searching for movies or trailers within YouTube. The offering has a deep catalogue with recent releases so if you absolutely must see The Gentlemen without moving too far way from your YouTube channel this might be the offering for you.

Microsoft Store Movies & TV

A largely forgotten service, the Movies & TV section of the Microsoft Store offers a large range of Movies and TV shows available for rent or download. Similar to the old iTunes Store you can buy Season Passes to buy all the episodes of a TV series. The major limitation to this Microsoft’s offering is that playback (even for download) is that you can only play them on devices within the Microsoft family such as on Windows laptops, Xboxes or Windows Phone (if you still happen to have one around).

Apple TV/ iTunes

While a lot of attention has been given to the launch of Apple TV+, the closure of iTunes on Mac and the significant overhaul Apple TV has been given recently your iTunes library and store is still available, in particular if you’re accessing from a Windows PC. While the recent iOS and MacOS upgrade has broken up iTunes into various pieces in the Apple device world, iTunes (and its business model) is still a standalone offering in the PC world. Outside of its own Apple TV+ streaming service and the many competitive streaming services it’s attempting to effectively aggregate, iTunes on the PC still offers movies and TV shows to rent or buy at a reasonable price

Just to reiterate these services should be considered if you’ve really exhausted your other content options via streaming services you’re already paying for or there’s some new exclusive content that you simply must watch before they eventually become available on the streaming services.