If you’re home schooling during shutdown, just need a tiny break or the kids could use another source of teaching then Google Read Along might just be for you.

Google Read Along is an app for your Android device that ‘listens to your young learner read aloud, offers assistance when they struggle and rewards them with stars when they do well – guiding them along as they progress.’

Learners are able to learn and read at their own pace. As kids read along there are word games kids can plan to reinforce their learning. The app is available in many languages but the associated games are available in English and Spanish only. Google advises the app works best with children who already have an ‘understanding’ of the alphabet.

The app is highly kid-friendly with no wifi or internet connection required and no ads featured in the app. I’m sure parents won’t care too much if it’s a highly-rate app or not; just download it, hand your Android device to your kids and give yourself a two minute break.