One of the biggest holes in the current offering of recipe managers is their lack of integration with any Voice Assistants. This is odd as where Voice Assistants particularly shine is helping with home cooking. Recipe Speak aims to fill this void.

Recipe Speak is an extension to the Amazon Alexa platform, known in their vernacular as a ‘skill’. With Recipe Speak you’re able to have your own personal recipes read back via Amazon Alexa. This is by adding your recipes via their website. Both the ingredients list and cooking instructions can be read back to you. You can ask Recipe Speak to pause as you gather ingredients or finish a step. You can also use natural language to query your recipe database such as asking it find recipes with a specific ingredient (“find a recipe with chicken and garlic”) or if you miss the read back of the ingredient ask again how much of an ingredient (“how many cups of sugar?”).

It’s all pretty serviceable but the biggest issue with this skill (setting aside that it is an Alexa-only service currently) is that you have to put all your recipes you want access to into its database. This essentially means you’re duplicating wherever you’re currently storing your recipes; be that Paprika or CookBook. What’s worse, Recipe Speak is not as fully featured as either recipe manager service so it can hardly be considered as a replacement to CookBook or Paprika.

So unless you’re a big cooking fiend, willing to put all your effort into moving your recipes into their database and heavily invested in the Alexa platform I would give it a pass.