If you’re a regular reader of our posts you know that we’re big proponents of using multiple streaming services to get all your binging fixes. The problem is, however, remembering where all the shows you’re watching across various streaming services, free-to-air-broadcasters, Pay TV channels and others can be a bit of a hard task. JustWatch is a service that aims to solves these kind of problems.

JustWatch is a handy service that aggregates video content that’s available, or coming up for release, across video platforms including streaming services, free-to-air broadcasters, Pay TV channels and other VOD providers. While not being able to watch content directly it deeplinks to the TV show and episode (as long as you’re already logged into that video service).

The service comes in very handy if you’re intermittently binge watching different TV across multiple platforms and can’t keep track of which show is available on what platform (where is Dexter available in Australia?). Available as an app on iOS and Android, setting up an account is free and being able to

As an aggregation service it is one of the most comprehensive service, even for Australia. It includes Stan, Foxtel, all local free-to-air broadcasters as well as all the global streaming services you’d expect like Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV+, and Disney+. It goes to the extent of including lesser-known paid VOD services like YouTube Premium, Microsoft Video, Google Play Video and MUBI.It also seems to be aware of the content availability differences for these services.

One other nice feature of the service is a timeline of new released content. You can see a timeline view, vertically listed by date of when content will be released across your selected platforms.

Features that could use a bit more tweaking is its recommender and watchlist/history tracker. The content recommender is a bit basic and there’s no profiles so can’t tell the difference between recommending content for yourself or somebody else using your account. As there is only deeplinking integration with the video services (likely just a one-way relationship) JustWatch has no ability to track the content. It’s not much of an issue when you’re watching movies but for keeping track of what episode you’re up to in a long TV series (Law & Order?) this gets to be a bit of pain.

All-in-all though it’s a handy service to have around when you’re watching a bunch of TV shows across multiple video platforms.

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