While it’s probably not the highest priority on their list at the moment, Woolworth’s Scan & Go app & service has now been out of beta available in 16 NSW stores since October last year. It now begs the question of when this will be made available to the rest of Australian stores?

For the uninitiated (and completely normal people) the Woolworth’s Scan & Go feature is an app and service that, as the name suggests, allows customers to scan items within the supermarket using their smartphone (iPhone or Android) and pay via the app with their card details connected in the app. It is a separate app to the regular Woolworths app that lets you skip the checkout queue and therefore reduces contact with other people (all the more important these days).

With more wait times at supermarkets due to social distancing restrictions you would think that it would make even more sense to roll this service out more aggressively nationwide to allow for a quicker shopping experience. By the look of some stores it looks like there are also dedicated space to exit the store as Scan & Go customer.

A dedicated section for Scan&Go in a NSW Woolworths supermarket

Woolworths, please roll this out to the rest of Australia to allow us to Automate On!