Google Assistant new Guacamole feature

Android Police reported on a new feature they discovered in the latest release of the Google App for Android. Called “Guacamole” it is described in very Google-style as “Quickly get things done with Guacamole”. Android Police has deduced that this may allow for tasks to be executed without using the trigger phrase “Hey Google”. While there are some tasks that have dispensed with the hotword (eg, stopping alarms & answering calls).

The Guacamole feature seems to be available for some, mostly US-based users. For power-users of Google Assistant and Voice this is a god-send as not having to say “Hey Google” many many times throughout the day to initiate the simplest of commands will be a blessing. This will allow for a more free flowing ‘conversation’ with the Voice AI. We don’t want to say human-like as natural language conversation isn’t there yet but it would remove one more obstacle to make commands and conversations more fluid. And heck, that just sounds a little creepy for now.