Tik Tok recently launched its first Skill on Amazon Alexa, allowing users of the popular social media app to start recording videos through voice commands.

The skill is available via the Alexa for Apps feature and therefore won’t work directly with Amazon Echo’s Smart Display as it requires access to the Tik Tok app on a smart phone. The skill allows users to

“open and carry out tasks on the app that normally requires tapping on the screen, including checking messages and notifications. Users can ask Alexa to find videos or sounds by subject, or ask about the daily challenge and videos made to respond to it.”

Political issues aside, it’s good to see social media companies utilising voice platforms where possible and find different ways for users to access their services more seamlessly.

Voicebot.ai notes at least we’ll be saved from those first few seconds of Tik Tok videos starting with people backing away from their phone.

Voicebot.ai: Tik Tok debuts (Possibly Short-Lived) Skill on Alexa