The Number Ten tip is again something that you’re doing already so should be an easy thing to transition. What we’re suggesting is to take it one step (or two) further and move all your cards to your mobile wallet and leave the physical cards at home.

You essentially have two options when it comes down to mobile wallets and it typically boils down to your smartphone; Apple Pay or Google Pay. You could try some of the alternatives out there but you’ll undoubtedly come across roadblocks when it comes to credit card/ bank support or acceptance by your local merchant. Apple Pay or Google Pay, for good or for bad, are the most widely accepted mobile payments options with the most integrations with your local financial institutions.

While moving all your cards isn’t necessarily a prerequisite for any of your automation with personal finance it’s a good step to take. It just completes the whole path in trying to make payments and ultimate, personal finance, as seamless and frictionless as possible. What it signifies is a step and an integral part of making that leap to personal automation.

Mozo: Mobile payments: a guide to paying with your smartphone