You may still use paper and pen for some of your to-dos (and that’s completely ok) but if you are already using a tasks app it is time to kick it into high gear. With personal automation you’ll be able to access your tasks from everywhere, both adding and checking off tasks as you go along. You’ll find it can keep you focused and happier for the day.

Here’s some tips to power hack your to-do list;

  • Use a tasks app that can be installed across all your devices. We’ve posted many times tasks apps that we would recommend but the key point here is to ensure your tasks app can be accessed from all your smartphone(s), iPads and laptops, check that your to-do apps can accessed via your voice platform and wherever else you spend a lot time (potentially think of the SmartTV and your car). The more ways you can access your tasks the better
  • Test and practice adding tasks via your voice platform. Hopefully you listened to us in point 1 and you’ve checked that your tasks app integrates well with your preferred voice platform. If so, start testing practising the trigger phase and you’re used to all the little nuances it may take to add tasks into your app. By repeatedly practising and testing you’ll not only become more familiar with the capabilities but the trigger phase should become second nature when you actually need it. You want it to become like muscle memory whenever you have that thought to add or complete a task.
  • Consolidate your personal & work tasks into one app. Use integration services like Zapier of IFTTT to automatically sync tasks from wherever they they are housed at work (Asana, Salesforce, Microsoft, GSuite, etc) to your preferred tasks app. Use labelling, projects or groups to organise your various work-life tasks.
  • Experiment with scheduled deliveries. You may have a pretty refgular routine for the morning or evening (especially with extended shutdowns) which lends itself to getting a regularly scheduled delivery of your tasks lists for the day (or however you want it customised) either at the start at the end of the day. Personally we don’t use this as we feel we spend enough time with our tasks lists but we know plenty of people who find this method very valuable and helps them keep focused for the day or feel accomplished at night.

With these power hacks you’ll be well want on your way to integrating and managing your personal automation stack with ease.