Microsoft officially announced (albeit in a customer support page) that the Cortana will shutdown in 2021 with its supported 3rd party skills functionality reaching end of life on 7th September. A post in late February pretty much foretold this outcome, stating that, moving forward Cortana will focus on enhancing Windows 10 and the Microsoft 365 experience.

Cortana always seemed like an also-ran. With no dedicated hardware devices and no broad services that platforms like Google, Amazon and Apple to integrate, the service always felt underwhelming and likely to be the first casualty of any impending voice wars.

The focus on integrating voice and specialising in Microsoft 365 makes sense for the Redmond-based tech giant. We could possibly see Microsoft 365 integration into skills, routines or shortcuts on Amazon, Google and Apple voice platforms. Play to your strengths, we say.

So for all those die-hard Microsoft loyalists out there you have been warned.

Microsoft Support: Upcoming Changes to Cortana