Automatic bill payments has been around for many decades so it doesn’t feel like we’re spouting anything new or unusual here.

We’ve always evangelising personal automation as being in the command centre of your life, with a whole number of scheduled and smart tasks happening in your day-to-day life and you being the captain who is overseeing the whole operation, monitoring all the tasks and looking out for those road bumps in life so you can take evasive action to overcome them. It’s easy to think of bill payment that way. These payments need to happen anyway so the more you automate them the less they will be a hassle in your life. The more mundane regular payments will just happen leaving you to reap the benefits of more time and availability to focus on more fun stuff and look out for the outliers in your financial life. Things like an unexpected expense like a car repair.

While trying not to sound like a self-help or personal finance guru we do feel that money management is one area that lends itself well to automation and it’s an area where you can really see immediate tangible benefits from once you start implementing.

WiseBread: How to Set Up Automatic Payments