Google announced on their blog that some games have been added to their Smart Display home devices. Popular games such as Jeopardy and Trivia Crack have been added and can be activated by simply saying “Hey Google, Let’s Play a Game” and browsing and selecting the desired game.

Unsurprisingly the range of games are quite limited. With the only interactivity being voice-driven there are likely only a few games that can take advantage of this and even fewer still that are being optimised for pure voice interactivity. Even Google seems to think it’s a bit of stretch as they seem to rehash some of the old ‘entertaining’ capabilities of Google Assistant within the blog post, reminding us that you can get Google Assistant to tell you a story or joke.

When it comes to the games, it’s a decent start we guess. We’re not expecting Fortnite-level of interactivity but we trust that the experience will only be improved over time.

Google Blog: Hey Google Let’s Play a Game on Your Smart Display