Aside from the environment benefits of moving away from a non-gasoline car (which in and of itself is a great reason to transition!) the main advantage of an Electric Vehicle (EV) over an ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicle when it comes to automation is that you can put an EV into a passive (or standby) without having the engine running like an ICE. With most EVs these days having an internet connection it makes it easier to send and sync data with your vehicle and really make it a part of your personal automation setup.

Granted with extended shutdowns and stay-at-home orders we may not be driving as much currently but as soon as we’re able to hit the road again you’ll realise how much time you do spend in your car and if that’s the case you may realise that in the past that the car was previously quite a deadzone when it came to automation and integration with the rest of your life. That changes with an EV.

From our view there are way more innovations happening in the EV space than we see in the more traditional ICE vehicle category. Features like autonomous driving, live traffic updates, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto support, streaming music syncing and voice assistant integration are all available in EVs and being innovated on top of faster in EVs than in ICEs. All these kind of features will enhance your personal automation experience.

Note that we said transition to an EV. For many the move to an electric vehicle can be quite an adjustment so a middle ground would be to go with a hybrid to get you used to the idea of an electric-powered car. There are many hybrid alternatives in various car categories so you can typically find one suitable for your needs. If you currently drive an SUV there are plenty compatible hybrid options for you to consider.

Also, we’re not just talking about Teslas, although they are absolutely a great choice if you can afford and are so inclined. Many car brands now have EV models in their lineup or are close to launching. Mini, BMW, Porsche, Audi, Hyundai all have all-electric options at various price points so you should be able to find something within your budget and meets your requirements.