The popularity of home gym equipment & services like Mirror and the upcoming Forme) in the US begs the question; will we ever see these services roll out globally?

If you haven’t heard of Mirror it’s a piece of home gym equipment that looks like a very stylish wall mirror but hidden behind it’s also an interactive screen that feeds you customised workouts and updates via the screen. The fact that it’s an actual mirror increases interaction possibilities. The mirror itself is priced at USD$1,495 but also requires a monthly subscription of USD$39 for the customised workouts, updates and integration.

We get that a big issue with making the service available internationally is the hardware but with the recent acquisition of Mirror by Lululemon you would assume they now have larger support, distribution and financial support to roll the device out more aggressively. Competitors like Forme which haven’t even launched yet will probably have a lot further tog before even thinking about international.

With the continued shutdown and gyms closed in many countries many fitness junkies want to go beyond the current apps and walks around the block that are their current options.

Personal automation opportunities exist aplenty for these services. Workouts could be synced with apps like Myfitnesspal and iOS Health. The screen could also integrate back to other services, with notifications from other services. We can only hope and dream to see these outside of the US.