Often forgotten by smarthome users as part of their automation arsenal, NFC stickers should be considered as a smart (pardon the pun) way to integrate another channel into your personal automation setup.

NFC tags, the small, usually round or square-shaped stickers or fobs that contain small embedded microchips. They are passive objects, meaning which they don’t have any power source (drawing power from the device reader) and so can be placed anywhere around the house, inside and out.

Their extreme portability make them useful items, particularly in situations where using your voice or accessing your phone is not possible nor preferable. Take out your plan and maps from Hack #20 and Hack #17. Are there any points in your map where you could use an NFC tag. Think particularly outside. Would it be handy to open your front door or gate, switch on garden lights or by the simple tap of your phone against an NFC sticker?

The other great advantage of NFC tags are that they are super-cheap. You can get NFC stickers for less than USD$1. So get a pack of 10 and experiment with where you can place your NFC tags and the applications you can use them for in your personal automation setup.