The latest update of the Google Home app (both iOS and now Android) has added a little feature that most people would likely overlook. The keen eyes of 9to5Google, however, noticed that when setting up smartplugs in the app it allows you to go one step further and determine the device that’s connected to the plug.

In the Home app, select the smart plug and select the settings gear in the top-right corner. Alongside Name, Home, and Room, there is a new “Type” option. Opening presents a list of “popular device types” that you can select from: Smart Light, Air conditioner, Coffee maker, Dehumidifier, Fan, Heater, Humidifier, Kettle, TV, and Smart Plug.


Smart plugs are a little bit of an anomaly in the smarthome ecosystem. There’s not much you can do with them and try as manufacturers might, it’s difficult to make them look sexy. But smart plugs will have a use in your home. From being able to simply turn appliances on or off from anywhere in the world, monitor vampire power suckers in your home to just simply monitoring devices, there will no doubt be some use you will find in adding a legacy device into your setup with a smart plug.

The granularity of control that the Google Home app has set itself up for will help with this.

9to5Google: [Update: Now on Android] You can tell Google Home what’s connected to a smart plug with ‘device types’