It will be the main way in which you interact with your smarthome, how you’ll activate a lot of your automations and generally how it will make life a lot easier. It only makes sense to test out and experience all the voice platforms to ensure you’re making the best and most considered selection for your needs.

We’re not saying you should buy a smart speaker from each voice platform (BTW let’s be honest and say we’re not even considering Bixby and Cortana in this consideration; they’re just too far behind in their offering). There are many ways to experiment with all the 3 major voice platforms. The easiest way is to use the apps. Then try using each service for a day to see if it can fulfill your needs for your daily tasks (can it give you the weather, news, play your music, etc in the way that you like). For the platforms that can meet your needs, extend your tests to see if it can integrate easily with the apps and services you currently use; can you add tasks to your To Do app?, can you add events to your calendar? And of course, can it control your smart devices?

If you are a complete Google user or a total Apple loyalist then the choice may seem quite obvious. But consider the other side, and, of course Alexa. It might be harder to swap out voice platforms later if you realise it doesn’t do one key thing and you don’t want to give up your favourite app (believe us, we’ve faced these dilemmas before).