McDonald's plans mobile ordering/payment and delivery for all US ...

The lay person might ask why bother with Fast Food chain mobile apps when you’re just going to go through drive thru anyway. Even during these iso times there’s quite a few benefits.

  • Effectively communicate the customisations you want. While you can customise your orders at pretty much every fast food chain these days invariably when you give your bespoke order through drive thru they get it wrong or the instructions aren’t clear. Submitting your custom order through the app ensures your order is right and there’s an audit trial for your order
  • Track your rewards/ loyalties more effectively. If you’re chasing a reward like points or a free McCafe coffee (don’t laugh they’re pretty good coffees!) consistently putting your orders through the app ensures you’re recording all your credits and there’s no chance of losing those dinky loyalty punch cards
  • Using the app allows for one less form of social contact during this time of social distancing. With the ability to order and pay through the app in places like McDonalds you can minimise your risk of transmission. It evens skips the step of contactless payment.
  • Some apps like the KFC mobile app has a hidden secret menu that features additional items or special discounts for their mobile users.
KFC’s hiden menu in their mobile app

While it may seem like a bit of overuse of technology ordering your fast food through mobile apps bring with it a lot of benefits.