Make your life easier with automations. Get automations for your house, car, kitchen and self!

Get more out of your life with automations

We offer an ever-growing database of tried and tested automations that can work in your life, at home, with family or in the car. We share links where you can copy and save the Shortcuts or automations directly or provide the code so you can customise it. In the event we can't do either we'll provide tutorial videos where we walk you through how we built and implemented the automation. 

Use the trigger that works for you

When it comes to automations, triggers are the key where the automation starts. At AutomateOn we recommend the trigger that works best for us, but in many scenarios you can swap out the trigger that suits you needs. We recommend all sorts of triggers such as a voice command given, an NFC tag being tapped, a QR code being scanned or even a sound being detected.  

No need to pick a side

We've developed automations that will work on iOS and Android. For most automations we've provided alternative platforms that utilise Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa or a combination. With our Zapier or IFTTT automations you can customise to utilise your preferred platform.

Never knew I could do that!

The AutomateOn team have helped me build shortcuts and automations that I never thought were possible. Thanks so much!

App is a good start

App is a good pplace to start to make QR Codes and keep track of things like USB cables. Now I know which one is which.

Content is so helpful

I knew you could use NFC tags and QR Codes for automations but what I found on AutomateOn took it to another level.

There's the app for that

Where we couldn't find a solution to our problems we built it into our app. There wasn't a great place to generate and manage QR Codes for your things so we've built our own app for you.

Print QR Code labels and manage your things like charging cables, foodstuff or anyhthing else you can imagine!

Available on the Play Store!

Print QR codes, track your things

Track your things with QR Codes. You can print it out and stick it on your thing so you can easily scan them with the AutomateOn app to identify & manage (or answer) many things like; "whose charging cable does this belongs to?", "what kind of battery does it take?", or "what is this adaptor for?" You get the picture; for so many things!

Automate your home, car, pantry & other parts of your life

Never leave a device go unused because it's too hard to find a battery or charging cable. With AutomateOn you'll get the most out of your devices!

Find the automations that'll work for you

Find the automations that will work with the products and services you're already using. Aside from the main platforms like Siri, Google, Zapier and IFTTT we highlight the products you want to connect with like Uber,Plex, Tile, Spotify, Todoist TripIt, Woolworths, Maccas, Amazon and FoodNoms.

You can also search by the automation trigger you prefer like Voice, NFC tap, QR Code scan and many more!


How does this all work?It's really easy! Sign up for an account at or download from the App Store or Play Store and start adding your things and picking which automations you want to use. Registering and tracking your things on AutomateOn is absolutely free. Once you add your devices you can start adding important dates such as use by dates for food or for when the batteries should be replaced. The more things you add and track the better AutomateOn's tools will be in helping to estimate usage and recommending automations that will help replace items. 

You can use the QR code generator to track items and print out labels with the QR Codes which the AutomateOn can use to determine what is what in your world. For example you can print our labels to put on each of your charging cable so you can tell whose is whose and what the cable is used for!

Why not just print out all the notes and details onto your QR Code labels?Linking your note and other metadata like use by date and expiry dates which keep on chaging. Not adding these onto the actual label lets you continually add and update the note of your thing. You can also hide details you may not want to have on the label. And finally it saves you from continually peeling the label off and onto your thing.

I don't know what size battery goes into my device.We can help! Just add the device to the app and select "Other" under Battery Size. Be sure to add a clear photo of the device. Order the battery replacement anyway and we'll make a best guess as to which battery it takes (we may contact you to get more information).

How do you generate and print the QR Code labels?Each thing you add to AutomateOn we apply a uniqe serial number or DeviceID to it. The DeviceID is embedded into the QR Code.

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