Manage your devices. Get battery & charging cable replacements every month.

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Sign up and track your devices for free. Subscribe to a paid plan and receive replacement batteries & charging cables every month.


Normally $14.99



Perfect to start with
  • 5 free device replacements per month
  • 1 charging cable replacement per month
  • Unlimited device & battery tracking via web & app


Normally $19.99



More devices & service
  • 10 device battery replacements per month
  • 2 charging cable replacements per month
  • 1 Concierge visit per month
  • Battery disposal & credits
  • Unlimited device & battery tracking via app &web


Normally $49.99



For power users
  • 15 free device replacements per month
  • 3 charging cable replacements per month
  • 2 Concierge visits per month
  • Battery disposals & credits
  • Unlimited device & battery tracking via web & app

How it Works:

Amazing Value

I'm never paying $40 at a locksmith just to replace my car remote battery again!

Green & keen

I like the tools that estimates how many batteries I go through. Being paid to dispose of batteries properly makes me both feel smart & eco-friendly. 

Concierge service is amazing!

Having smeone to replace the batteries in my devices for me at home is a god-send. The staff are super-friendly & the best.

Never pay for batteries & cables you don't need again.

Track your devices, get reminders and order the right batteries & charging cables you need when you need them.

Battery disposals & credits keeps it green & lean

Mail in your used batteries and let us dispose of them in the most environmentally-friendly manner. Also send us unrequired batteries for $0.50 off your subscription (per battery).

Never pay $40 to replace a car remote battery again

Concierge Service* for those pesky devices

Let one of our trained team members replace the battery in those difficult devices like car key, smoke detectors & garage remotes! Available as part of the Premium & Ultimate subscription plans.

*Concierge Service is only available in main metro areas of Australia

Get the most out of your devices

Never leave a device go unused because it's too hard to find a battery or charging cable. With AutomateOn you'll get the most out of your devices!

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Comng Soon on App Store


How does this all work?It's really easy! Sign up for an account at  and start adding your devices (apps to download from the App Store and Play Store are coming soon!). Registering and tracking your devices on AutomateOn is absolutely free. Once you add your devices you can start adding dates for when the batteries should be replaced (we'll be rolling out tools that will estimate when battery replacement is due). The more of your devices you add and track the better AutomateOn's tools will be in helping to estimate your battery usage and predicting when your batteries should be replaced. 

Once you subscribe to a paid plan (Basic, Premium or Ultimate) you'll be able to order batter replacements for your devices for free. Just click on the "Order" tab of the app and click on the "Order" button to have the replacement batters for your device delivered to you. If you are subscribed to either the Premium or Ultimate plans you can also book a Concierge service where a team member will provide at-home service to replace the battery in your most 'difficult' devices such as smoke detectors and car key remotes. To book the Concierge service click on the pulldown menu in the top left of the app and click on the "Book Service" link. On the next screen you'll be able to select a preferred date and time of when you'd like the Concierge to visit at the specified address.

Why don't you just count replacements by individual battery rather than device?Great question! On average a device takes 1.3 batteries; meaning which there are many devices that take one single batteries and typically a customer has the odd devices that takes 4 or more batteries. We wanted customers to have a clear picture of how many devices they could get battery replacements for in a month rather than the total number of batteries. Also, we are planning additional features for the service that are based more on devices than batteries so we figured it would be best to start with having customers getting used to managing devices through our app.

Why don't you use rechargeable batteries?We love rechargeable batteries and they're great for high-use devices with popular battery sizes like game controllers. Unfortunately there are no rechargeable options for the more obscure batteries like the ones in your watches. We encourage you to use rechargeable batteries for standard-sized batteries like AA or AAAs and use AutomateOn's service for your more specialty devices like car key remotes. 

What is your battery disposal & credits service?Mail in your used batteries and let us dispose of them in the most environmentally-friendly manner. Also send us unrequired batteries for $0.50 off your subscription (per battery).

What's the Concierge Service?The Concierge Service is our at-home battery replacement service. This is where one of our trained team members will visit you at your preferred address and replace the batteries for you. This is perfect for some of the more 'difficult' devices we live with in our daily lives like car remotes or smoke detectors. You can book the Concierge Service via our app.

I don't know what size battery goes into my device.We can help! Just add the device to the app and select . Be sure to add a clear photo of the device. Order the battery replacement anyway and we'll make a best guess as to which battery it takes (we may contact you to get more information).

How do I cancel/change my plan?On the app, just go to the "Profile" tab and there is a "Cancel" button on the page. If you are changing plan just re-subscribe to the new plan.

Do my outstanding device battery replacements and Concierge visits rollover to the next month?No. Any unutilised battery replacements do not rollover to the following month. Concierge visits do not rollover to the next month unless we're unable to book you in for that month.

Is my Concierge police-checked?All team members that are assigned or contracted for Concierge service are vetted and police-checked.

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